What would a "feminist workplace" include, to you?

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    How would a space that is more representative and respectful of women look like in an ideal world? How could this be changed to become a reality? What actions could be taken to achieve this?

    If you think work places are already equal, in terms of gender, give some reasons as to why you think this. What else could be done to make the workplace more respectful towards other under-represented/minority groups?

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    Virginia Woolf ponders the situation of women joining the workforce in her essay Three Guineas, it would appear her outlook on the situation is pretty bleak:

    Behind us lies the patriarchal system; the private house, with its nullity, its immorality, its hypocrisy, its servility. Before us lies the public world, the professional system, with its possessiveness, its jealousy, its pugnacity, its greed … It is a choice of evils. Each is bad. Had we not better plunge off the bridge into the river; give up the game; declare that the whole of human life is a mistake and so end it?

    Woolf’s solution, suicide, definitely isn’t a solution I’d recommend. However, I do sympathize with the dilemma she voices. She wants women to have opportunities in the professional world, not to further the evil she sees in it. How could we solve the dilemma Woolf has with the work force? Realistically, try to avoid companies that indulge in patriarchal and greedy business practices. Ideally? Give greater social values to feminine traits. The workplace is a male dominated institution, by changing the values we regard in society the negative male traits that encourage cutthroat competition and greed would hopefully be supplanted by positive feminine ones.

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