35 Gender Inequality in the Workplace Statistics

America’s Women and the Wage Gap (2016)

Standing Up for Women & Families in 2016 A Legislative Agenda

Why Women Are the Best Opportunity for Businesses by Andrew Yang

Female-Founded Start-ups Outperform All-Male Ones

How to boost workforce diversity (*this one also tackles minority representations*)

What’s the Wage Gap in the States?

Netflix’s New Parental-Leave Policy: ‘Just About Ideal’

Sexual Violence & the Workplace, National Sexual Violence Resource Center 2013

Know Your Rights: Workplace Sexual Harassment

Gender Inequality and Women in the US Labor Force

Google Scholar Results: “Gender Inequality in the Workplace”

BBC – Gender equality in workplace could add trillions to US economy

North Carolina Women and the Wage Gap – Close to Home

Year in Review: The Biggest Stories About Gender Inequality at Work

There’s reportedly a big, secret spreadsheet where Google employees share their salaries

The feminist cupcake sale that led to death and rape threats

7 Ways Women Still Aren’t Equal in the Workplace


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